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Concord Housing + Redevelopment Completes Large and Complex Plumbing Project
Concord Housing + Redevelopment completed a rather large and complex plumbing project replacing an aging domestic hot water system in its 116 unit Crutchfield apartment building with a new efficient direct fire gas hot water system.

Incorporating new technology, the energy efficient system replaces an aging gas pool heater located outside the building that circulated hot water into a 2,600 gallon storage tank inside the building.

The new system consists of two Laars 500,000 BTU high-efficiency hot water boilers coupled to two 120-gallon super insulated hot water storage tanks— significantly reducing the volume of hot water to be heated and stored. This arrangement also provides redundancy in the system should there be any equipment failures in the future. By design and installation, each component can be isolated for repairs or replacement without interrupting the supply of domestic hot water to the building.

After installing and connecting the new equipment adjacent to the existing system, it took our team less than a day, with no interruption of service to our tenants, to cut the new system into the building and have it up and running. The work was performed by Tom, our staff licensed plumber/gas technician. By purchasing the equipment directly, we realized a significant cost savings over contracting the work to an outside firm. This also allowed us to design a unit that will be extremely "user-friendly" for our staff as they maintain it in the coming years.

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