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Concord Housing Development Corporation and Donor Contribute 15-Passenger Van to Merrimack Valley DayCare Services
501(c)(3) and private donor team up to provide transportation for children in daycare facility and after school program at the Walker School in Concord

CONCORD, NH –January 5, 2010 –Concord Housing Development Corporation (CHDC), a 501(c)(3), announced today that it has contributed $20 thousand to Merrimack Valley Daycare Services (MVDS) toward the purchase of a 15-passenger van used to transport children who benefit from daycare and after-school programs in the Concord area.

CHDC maintains a fund that is earmarked for programs that represent economic and social good for the community. Those funds, combined with a $10 thousand gift from the LLH/LHM Foundation, enabled MVDS to replace an older van that had broken down and was too costly to repair.

“The van really serves two purposes. For our daycare children, the ability to transport them safely, comfortably, and reliably is important to providing them with an enriching educational experience,” said Mary Jane Wallner, executive director of Merrimack Valley Daycare Services. “Concord Housing + Redevelopment’s after-school program is critically important for providing children a structured educational and social program that ensures that they will perform well in school, at home, and in the community.”

MVDS operates the Concord Housing + Redevelopment’s Jennings Drive daycare facility and the Walker School after-school program.

“There is a broad spectrum of community need that CHCD considers, but we believe that fundamental, “building block” services such as transportation ensure that children have every educational and social opportunity available to them,” said John Hoyt, Jr., Executive Director, of Concord Housing Development Corporation. “The new van will not only transport children, but enable MVDS to introduce them to new learning opportunities.”

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