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Innovative Resident Services
Redevelopment must be measured by its value to residents. Concord Housing + Redevelopment is committed to projects that improve neighborhoods and life experiences of the residents. In 2002, CH+R founded the 501(c)(3) Concord Housing Development Corporation, (CHDC). CHDC has contracted with Merrimack Valley Day Care Services to operate a free, licensed after-school program and an all-day summer program for school-aged residents at our family apartments. Together with Groundwork Concord, a local non-profit organization, and our residents, CHDC has worked to transform the neighborhoods and public spaces around our properties through the planting of trees and bushes, which enriches the environment in which tenants live. In the winter of 2010, CHDC along with the USDA and the New Hampshire Food Bank, have agreements that created a food pantry run by residents ensuring a source of healthy food to all CH+R residents. These agreements, along with our volunteers, create collaborative relationships which increase the environment of a community and the quality of life for all residents.

Innovative Resident Services