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The History of Concord Housing + Redevelopment
The early years of Concord Housing + Redevelopment were closely intertwined with city planning objectives. It was the vehicle to address the dire need for low-income housing, available through federally funded programs. It was also the vehicle to undertake the largest municipal redevelopment project in the history of Concord enacted through the federal urban renewal program.

Between its founding in 1961 and 1974, the Authority, working in close concert with the City of Concord, erected four low-income housing complexes totaling 255 units. During this time, it also redeveloped a large commercial area immediately adjacent to the State House, a project that included realigning the Center Bridge Street intersection for a marked improvement for accessing downtown from the highway.

Today, Concord Housing + Redevelopment’s role has expanded to include planning for the future of Concord through redevelopment. Concord Housing + Redevelopment has the expertise, capacity, and vision to help Concord continue to grow and prosper.

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